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Facebook gambling guidelines

06.12.2016 3 Comments

Facebook gambling guidelines sugartown casino

FB is impossible with all their stupid standards. In no way can you promote adult dating sites that focus mainly on sex. Its crazy and getting a balanced non-canned answer out of them is next too impossible.

So in other words all the rules you faithfully typed out mean squat with the very last one. Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs. Can someone tell me if that could affect my campaign being approved. No promotion of tobacco There facenook no references to smoking or accessories anywhere on his site, his ads or on his FB page.

Facebook's Advertising Policies provide information about what kinds of ad content and practices are allowed or disallowed on the site. We recommend that all. Facebook today announced changes to its Ad Guidelines that permit advertising for several verticals that were previously prohibited. Offline. Comply with our Developer PR Guidelines and get approval from us before . If you want to facilitate or promote online gambling, online real money games of.


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